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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Bully Puppy

What do you feed your dogs to make them so big?

The food I feed does not make them big, genetically that are bred to be that way….food just enhances what they already have naturally.

Do your dogs have skin problems?

No they don’t, but blue dogs are very prone to have skin allergies which are most commonly caused by foods or different kinds of seasonal vegetation that grows in the yard.

Do your dogs have good temperament?

Yes they do, and are model citizens whenever out in the public, and great with kids. But they will definitely guard their owners and property with their lives.

How big do your dogs get?

Anywhere from 100-170 pounds

Do you ship your Bully Puppies?

Yes locally by ground or air and internationally

Does puppy have to have cropped ears?

No they don’t, it's solely left up to the new owners.

What is a “PICK ORDER" if I want to buy a bully puppy?

"pick" refers to the order you get to choose your pup out of the litter. 1st pick chooses their pup first, then 2nd pick selects next, then 3rd and so on, and so forth………

How much do your puppies cost?

As a family owned bully breeder, we try to make our bully puppies as affordable as possible. Bully puppies start at $3000